Somalilanders Celebrate 22 Years Of Acting Like They Were Independent From The Rest Of Somalia

Somalia Times

HARGEISA, Somaliland – The president of Somalia’s wannabe breakaway republic, Mr. Ahmed Silanyo, has come clean on the real reasons why his three and a half regions in Somalia’s northwest want to form their own internationally-recognised Banana Republic.

Speaking at a rally to celebrate the 22 years that the Somaliland nation has been in existence only in the imagination of Somalia’s northwestern populace, Mr. Silanyo last week expounded on the reasons why his people will never accept rule from Mogadishu.

“In the 1980s, the central government in Mogadishu banned the importation of khat, the beloved green narcotic that our great nation is built upon, and harmony is achieved between its otherwise disorderly inhabitants. That forced us to take arms, and the rest is history”.

People in the crowd readily agreed with their leader, who also happened to have been on the payroll of Somalia’s intelligence services for years during Somaliland’s…

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