Long Time Shabab Member Suddenly Realises Women Did Not Like Dressing In Very Hot Attire

Somalia Times

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Long-time Shabab member and admitted extremist, Mohamed Hassan “Abu Hamza”, has finally come to the realisation that women in Shabab-held territories do not enjoy being forced to wear ultra thick clothing that covers from head to a foot under the feet.


Sources confirm that the hard-headed extremist who foams in the mouth when arguing on behalf of the extremist group’s dogma was awoken to the truth when he visited Mogadishu and found that “not even his mother” – in the words of a long-time associate – was wearing the Shabab-mandated Jalabib.


At press time, Abu Hamza was reported to have been engaged in a bitter, losing argument with his sister regarding the lack of permissibility of her western-style undergarments in Shariah. Abu Hamza was reported to have decided that Somalia was not worth it. Reports that he had booked a ticket to Syria could not…

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