AMISOM:Peacekeepers orAfricanImperialists?by Aman H.D. ObsiyeTuesday, July 23, 2013Merriam-WebsterDictionary definesimperialism as “the policy,practice, or advocacy ofextending the power anddominion of a nationespecially by directterritorial acquisitions orby gaining indirect controlover the political oreconomic life of otherareas.” Traditionally,when one hears the wordimperialism, Europeannations come to mind, butit should be noted thatEuropeans do not have amonopoly on imperialism.Today, we are currentlywitnessing the advent ofAfrican Imperialism withinthe confines of South-Central Somalia.Many believe that AMISOMis solely in Somalia to helpthe Provisional FederalGovernment (PFG)establish governance, buttheir motive is moresinister. The vanguard ofthe African armies inSomalia is: (1) Ethiopia[albeit not officially underAMISOM], (2) Kenya, (3)Burundi, and (4) Uganda.What all four of thesenations have in common isthat they are allsignatories ofthe CooperativeFrameworkAgreement (CFA), whichseeks to redistribute theNile River resources. Yes,AMISOM is in Somaliabecause of the Nile Riverdispute.Traditionally, Somalia isseen as an Egyptian allyand the AMISOM nationshave implemented a policyof weakening Somalia inorder to tilt the balance ofpower in its favor.Somalia has been in astate of chaos since 1991,therefore being a non-factor in the Nile Riverdispute. This all changedin June 2006. The entireSomali peninsula waspeaceful, stable, and ruleof law reigned supreme.North-west Somalia was,and still is, controlled bythe Republic of Somaliland,who is seeking to reassertits sovereignty. North-eastSomalia was, and still is,controlled by the PuntlandState, seeking to be aregional state in afederated Somalia. Lastly,South-Central Somalia,where chaos andinstability has ensuedendlessly, was finallypacified by the Union ofIslamic Courts (UIC).Somalia’s formerTransitional President,Sharif Sheikh Ahmed(2009-12), led the UIC.Ethiopia, witnessingorganic Somali governancereturning, made acalculated decision toinvade South-CentralSomalia in December2006. This subsequentlyreintroduced chaos andinstability in South-CentralSomalia, gave birth to Al-Shabaab, and served as araison d’être for the twodozen Somali-Americanswho left Minnesota to fightwhat they viewed as aforeign occupation. SinceDecember 2006, South-Central Somalia has beenoccupied by variousAfrican armies, majoritysignatories to the CFA.Coincidence? In addition,Tanzania’s Mahiga, theformer UN SpecialRepresentative for Somalia(2010-13), was placed incharge of drafting thePFG’s new constitutionand helping in the processof selecting the PFG’smembers of parliamentand president. If you arewondering, Tanzania isalso a signatory to theCFA. In essence, Somalia’ssovereignty has beenoutsourced to the CFAnations.Of all the CFA nations,Kenya has made thegreatest gains in itsimperial project.A wikileak cable (Dec.2009) bluntly speaks aboutKenya’s desire to form aJubaland region, whichwould be its satellite state,in South-Central Somalia.It should be noted that theUS warned Kenya againstthis “Jubaland Initiative.”In 2011, Kenya invadedKismayo (Jubaland’scapital) and on May 15,2013, Jubaland wasofficially born. Currently,the PFGhas demanded that Kenyaleave Kismayo and inter-clan warfare has beenreintroduced there.Through Jubaland, Kenyanow has indirect controlover the political oreconomic life of a vital partof Somalia.The internationalcommunity, especially theWest and non AfricanImperialist countries, musthelp Mogadishu regain itssovereignty over South-Central Somalia. This isthe only way Al-Shabaabcan be completely defeatedand eradicated. Threemain policies must beimplemented.First, a PFG Army must bebuilt. This task is not asdifficult as manyspeculators propagate.The same policy theinternational communityused to develop the PFGparliament can be used todevelop the PFG army. Theinternational communitygathered all the chiefs ofthe various Somali tribesto select the PFGparliament. This was doneso all tribes had fairrepresentation via theirtraditional tribal chiefs.The internationalcommunity should gatherthese exact same tribalchiefs, and host themtogether again to providefor a PFG army. Each chiefshall delegate a certainnumber of its men to jointhe PFG army, so it may bea Somali armyproportionally represented.Secondly, AMISOM musthave an exit strategy, noexcuses. Lastly, the polityknown as the Republic ofSomaliland must be leftalone until an authentic-sovereign government isin place in Mogadishu.The peace, stability, anddemocratic project takingplace in Somaliland mustnot be derailed. A“Somaliland-Somalia Truthand Reconciliation”committee should beformed to discuss theirfuture relations.To conclude, Imperialism,whether it is European ofAfrican, has never broughtdignity to its victims. Ifthe honor of the SomaliPeople is to be restored,the internationalcommunity must helperadicate AfricanImperialism from theSomali territories.

Peacekeepers or
by Aman H.D. Obsiye
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Dictionary defines
imperialism as “the policy,
practice, or advocacy of
extending the power and
dominion of a nation
especially by direct
territorial acquisitions or
by gaining indirect control
over the political or
economic life of other
areas.” Traditionally,
when one hears the word
imperialism, European
nations come to mind, but
it should be noted that
Europeans do not have a
monopoly on imperialism.
Today, we are currently
witnessing the advent of
African Imperialism within
the confines of South-
Central Somalia.
Many believe that AMISOM
is solely in Somalia to help
the Provisional Federal
Government (PFG)
establish governance, but
their motive is more
sinister. The vanguard of
the African armies in
Somalia is: (1) Ethiopia
[albeit not officially under
AMISOM], (2) Kenya, (3)
Burundi, and (4) Uganda.
What all four of these
nations have in common is
that they are all
signatories of
the Cooperative
Agreement (CFA), which
seeks to redistribute the
Nile River resources. Yes,
AMISOM is in Somalia
because of the Nile River
Traditionally, Somalia is
seen as an Egyptian ally
and the AMISOM nations
have implemented a policy
of weakening Somalia in
order to tilt the balance of
power in its favor.
Somalia has been in a
state of chaos since 1991,
therefore being a non-
factor in the Nile River
dispute. This all changed
in June 2006. The entire
Somali peninsula was
peaceful, stable, and rule
of law reigned supreme.
North-west Somalia was,
and still is, controlled by
the Republic of Somaliland,
who is seeking to reassert
its sovereignty. North-east
Somalia was, and still is,
controlled by the Puntland
State, seeking to be a
regional state in a
federated Somalia. Lastly,
South-Central Somalia,
where chaos and
instability has ensued
endlessly, was finally
pacified by the Union of
Islamic Courts (UIC).
Somalia’s former
Transitional President,
Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
(2009-12), led the UIC.
Ethiopia, witnessing
organic Somali governance
returning, made a
calculated decision to
invade South-Central
Somalia in December
2006. This subsequently
reintroduced chaos and
instability in South-Central
Somalia, gave birth to Al-
Shabaab, and served as a
raison d’être for the two
dozen Somali-Americans
who left Minnesota to fight
what they viewed as a
foreign occupation. Since
December 2006, South-
Central Somalia has been
occupied by various
African armies, majority
signatories to the CFA.
Coincidence? In addition,
Tanzania’s Mahiga, the
former UN Special
Representative for Somalia
(2010-13), was placed in
charge of drafting the
PFG’s new constitution
and helping in the process
of selecting the PFG’s
members of parliament
and president. If you are
wondering, Tanzania is
also a signatory to the
CFA. In essence, Somalia’s
sovereignty has been
outsourced to the CFA
Of all the CFA nations,
Kenya has made the
greatest gains in its
imperial project.
A wikileak cable (Dec.
2009) bluntly speaks about
Kenya’s desire to form a
Jubaland region, which
would be its satellite state,
in South-Central Somalia.
It should be noted that the
US warned Kenya against
this “Jubaland Initiative.”
In 2011, Kenya invaded
Kismayo (Jubaland’s
capital) and on May 15,
2013, Jubaland was
officially born. Currently,
the PFG
has demanded that Kenya
leave Kismayo and inter-
clan warfare has been
reintroduced there.
Through Jubaland, Kenya
now has indirect control
over the political or
economic life of a vital part
of Somalia.
The international
community, especially the
West and non African
Imperialist countries, must
help Mogadishu regain its
sovereignty over South-
Central Somalia. This is
the only way Al-Shabaab
can be completely defeated
and eradicated. Three
main policies must be
First, a PFG Army must be
built. This task is not as
difficult as many
speculators propagate.
The same policy the
international community
used to develop the PFG
parliament can be used to
develop the PFG army. The
international community
gathered all the chiefs of
the various Somali tribes
to select the PFG
parliament. This was done
so all tribes had fair
representation via their
traditional tribal chiefs.
The international
community should gather
these exact same tribal
chiefs, and host them
together again to provide
for a PFG army. Each chief
shall delegate a certain
number of its men to join
the PFG army, so it may be
a Somali army
proportionally represented.
Secondly, AMISOM must
have an exit strategy, no
excuses. Lastly, the polity
known as the Republic of
Somaliland must be left
alone until an authentic-
sovereign government is
in place in Mogadishu.
The peace, stability, and
democratic project taking
place in Somaliland must
not be derailed. A
“Somaliland-Somalia Truth
and Reconciliation”
committee should be
formed to discuss their
future relations.
To conclude, Imperialism,
whether it is European of
African, has never brought
dignity to its victims. If
the honor of the Somali
People is to be restored,
the international
community must help
eradicate African
Imperialism from the
Somali territories.


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