Ethiopian Air Forceplane crashes inMogadishuFriday, August 09, 2013An Ethiopian Air Forcecargo plane has crashedand caught fire on landingat Mogadishu airport inSomalia.Four of the six crewmembers onboard theaircraft – carryingammunition forinternational forcesfighting Islamist militants -were killed.Ammunition could beheard exploding inside theplane as the fire spread,closing the airport. Theblaze was put out afterabout two hours.Ethiopian troops enteredSomalia in 2011 to assistAfrican Union forces.It is not known yet whenthe plane got intodifficulties, and whether itovershot the runway, orfell short of it.AMISOM firefightersattempting to put out thefire after an Ethiopian AirForce plane crashed uponlanding at Mogadishu’sAden Adde InternationalAirport.It was not immediatelyclear where the plane flewfrom.The Somali Islamistmilitia, al-Shabab, whichis linked to al-Qaeda,described the crash as anact of God, reports theBBC’s Abdullahi AbdiSheikh in Nairobi.On its Twitter feed, al-Shabab said the planecrash had “thwarted… theplots of the enemyinvaders”.Ethiopian troops are notpart of the African Unionpeacekeeping force,supporting the Somaligovernment forces in theirfight against al-Shabab.Al-Shabab militants haveshot at planes in the pastbut not in recent years, theAssociated Press newsagency reports.The two crew membersinjured in the crash arecurrently receivingmedical attention at theAfrican Union hospital inMogadishu, its mission inSomalia, Amisom, said ina statement.Crash probeThe crash occurred shortlybefore 08:00 local time(05:00GMT), Amisom said.There was no damage tothe runway, it added.”The cause of the incidentis yet to be established butinvestigations arecurrently under way,” theAU mission said.The aircraft was a Soviet-made Antonov 24, Reutersnews agency reports.Military aircraft regularlyland at the airport. It wasunclear what ammunitionthe plane was carrying.A convoy of empty Somalimilitary trucks had beenseen earlier at the airport,Reuters adds.Somalia – which has seenconflict since 1991 – has apoor record on aviationsafety.Source: BBC

Ethiopian Air Force
plane crashes in
Friday, August 09, 2013
An Ethiopian Air Force
cargo plane has crashed
and caught fire on landing
at Mogadishu airport in
Four of the six crew
members onboard the
aircraft – carrying
ammunition for
international forces
fighting Islamist militants –
were killed.
Ammunition could be
heard exploding inside the
plane as the fire spread,
closing the airport. The
blaze was put out after
about two hours.
Ethiopian troops entered
Somalia in 2011 to assist
African Union forces.
It is not known yet when
the plane got into
difficulties, and whether it
overshot the runway, or
fell short of it.
AMISOM firefighters
attempting to put out the
fire after an Ethiopian Air
Force plane crashed upon
landing at Mogadishu’s
Aden Adde International
It was not immediately
clear where the plane flew
The Somali Islamist
militia, al-Shabab, which
is linked to al-Qaeda,
described the crash as an
act of God, reports the
BBC’s Abdullahi Abdi
Sheikh in Nairobi.
On its Twitter feed, al-
Shabab said the plane
crash had “thwarted… the
plots of the enemy
Ethiopian troops are not
part of the African Union
peacekeeping force,
supporting the Somali
government forces in their
fight against al-Shabab.
Al-Shabab militants have
shot at planes in the past
but not in recent years, the
Associated Press news
agency reports.
The two crew members
injured in the crash are
currently receiving
medical attention at the
African Union hospital in
Mogadishu, its mission in
Somalia, Amisom, said in
a statement.
Crash probe
The crash occurred shortly
before 08:00 local time
(05:00GMT), Amisom said.
There was no damage to
the runway, it added.
“The cause of the incident
is yet to be established but
investigations are
currently under way,” the
AU mission said.
The aircraft was a Soviet-
made Antonov 24, Reuters
news agency reports.
Military aircraft regularly
land at the airport. It was
unclear what ammunition
the plane was carrying.
A convoy of empty Somali
military trucks had been
seen earlier at the airport,
Reuters adds.
Somalia – which has seen
conflict since 1991 – has a
poor record on aviation
Source: BBC


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