Somalia President:Elections to takeplace by September2016By ABDULKADIR KHALIF inMogadishu | Monday,September 2 2013 at 19:11Somalia president HassanSheikh Mohamoud. FILE |NATION MEDIA GROUP.Somali President HassanSheikh MohamoudMonday said that therecovering Horn of Africacountry remains on courseto hold a general electionin 2016.”By end of the term of thecurrent FederalGovernment of Somalia (inSeptember 2016), thereshall be no attempts forextension of mandatewhatever the excuse,” saidPresident Mohamoud.He was speaking at areconciliation conferencein Mogadishu, the capital,and which is underwaythis week.He added: “No one canbring to the nation theexcuse that governmentassignments were notcompleted in time,prompting a call forextension of theleadership’s term.”We must be mindful thatwe only have 36 monthsleft.”The post-transitionalgovernment of Somaliawas assembled inSeptember 2012 for a four-year period.The conference isorganised by thepresidency and wasannounced only a few daysago. It focuses on, amongothers, developing thefederal constitution,federalisation of thecountry, resource sharingand good governance.UN Assistance Mission inSomalia (UNSOM) bossNicholas Kay appreciatedthe Somali government’sefforts to holdreconciliation conferences.”The United Nationssupports the intention ofthis conference,” said MrKay, who urged Somalis tostrive to bring peace anddevelopment to their land.In Addis Ababa last week,the Federal Government ofSomalia signed an accordwith the rulers in Kismayuin the politically troubledJuba regions of southernSomalia.Two major authorities inSomalia, namely thebreakaway Republic ofSomaliland and thesemiautonomous state ofPuntland, opted to stayaway.While Somaliland claims tobe independent from therest of Somalia, Puntlandleaders are in dispute withthe government inMogadishu on many

Somalia President:
Elections to take
place by September
Mogadishu | Monday,
September 2 2013 at 19:11
Somalia president Hassan
Sheikh Mohamoud. FILE |
Somali President Hassan
Sheikh Mohamoud
Monday said that the
recovering Horn of Africa
country remains on course
to hold a general election
in 2016.
“By end of the term of the
current Federal
Government of Somalia (in
September 2016), there
shall be no attempts for
extension of mandate
whatever the excuse,” said
President Mohamoud.
He was speaking at a
reconciliation conference
in Mogadishu, the capital,
and which is underway
this week.
He added: “No one can
bring to the nation the
excuse that government
assignments were not
completed in time,
prompting a call for
extension of the
leadership’s term.
“We must be mindful that
we only have 36 months
The post-transitional
government of Somalia
was assembled in
September 2012 for a four-
year period.
The conference is
organised by the
presidency and was
announced only a few days
ago. It focuses on, among
others, developing the
federal constitution,
federalisation of the
country, resource sharing
and good governance.
UN Assistance Mission in
Somalia (UNSOM) boss
Nicholas Kay appreciated
the Somali government’s
efforts to hold
reconciliation conferences.
“The United Nations
supports the intention of
this conference,” said Mr
Kay, who urged Somalis to
strive to bring peace and
development to their land.
In Addis Ababa last week,
the Federal Government of
Somalia signed an accord
with the rulers in Kismayu
in the politically troubled
Juba regions of southern
Two major authorities in
Somalia, namely the
breakaway Republic of
Somaliland and the
semiautonomous state of
Puntland, opted to stay
While Somaliland claims to
be independent from the
rest of Somalia, Puntland
leaders are in dispute with
the government in
Mogadishu on many


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