Internal security minister on a mission to put the lives of Journalists at risks

Somali’s internal security minister who is entitled to give protection to the targeted journalists is however planning to expose the workers of this media service to the same predators who targeted them before they found a safe building in which they legally hired in order to continue offering their services to the members of public.

Mr. Guled’s plans include evacuating the media services from the peaceful offices to a more risky locations so that they can easily be targeted and killed.

Journalist in Somalia especially Mogadishu are always targeted by unknown gunmen who have never being brought to justice with the latest incident being today’s shooting of Mohamad muhamud Tima Adde who works for Uk’s  based universal television.

Shabelle media moved to an AMISOM guarded zones 3 years ago from their previous Bakara offices where they were occasionally threatened and manipulated by anti-government elements.

The new offices acted as the media offices as well as the residential homes for most of the journalists who were afraid of going to the homes.

As for now, 78 journalists work in this company where food and shelter is catered for.

Putting the lives of 78 journalists at risk is not a joke and the top administration of the media services is now moving to take the matter to the international criminal court to find justice.

The high court is considered less superior to a ministerial order given the trend of previous cases.

The minister has also being accused of displacing thousands in Mogadishu and locals nicknamed him Abaha barkacayasha meaning“the father of displacing”.. He has caused more problems than finding solutions for the masses living in the Somalia’s capital


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