Ethiopia’s “Liyuu Police”
massacre innocent Somalis in
border town
Posted by: Omar Posted date: December 13,
2013 In: Local News
Mogadishu (Harar24) – Troops belonging to the
“Liyuu Police” who come under the Ethiopian
administration in Somali territories in Ethiopia
have came under accusation of massacring
almost sixty ethnic Somalis in the cities of
Mustahil and Qalafe on the border Somali-
Ethiopian border.
According to local sources the Jigjiga based
administration accused the local inhabitants of
harboring and providing a safe haven to Al-
Shabaab members in the area, a claim denied by
the local inhabitants. According to local tribal
leader Omar Sheekh Yusuf all of those who were
killed were innocent people, the majority of
them being herders.
According to Somali Member of Parliament Ali
Abdi Ali, who originally hails from the area
surrounding Mustahil and Qalafe confirmed the
occurrence of the massacre at Mustahil and
Qalafe. “We have confirmation that the forces
belonging to the Liyuu Police massacred
innocent herders in the areas surrounding
Mustahil and Qalafe. The Jigjiga based Ethiopian
administration was behind this massacre and
this is a fact.”
According to sources in the region systematic
rape also took place alongside the killings. “They
came and started shooting in the air. They
rounded us up, my mother & sisters and they
raped us. When they left we found my father
dead. My brother was not found amongst the
dead bodies. We don’t know where he is.” said
one of the victims who preferred to keep her
identity hidden for fear of repercussion.
The “Liyuu Police” & the Ethiopian
administration have long been accused of
ruthlessness, lawlessness, cracking down on
ethnic Somalis in the region and violating human
rights yet remain unapprehended


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