ISLAMIC QUOTES my name is Bashir farayare from Somalia this Message is for Muslims and Non-Muslims

to inspire you
to be a better person,
Knowledge is not what is
Knowledge is what benefits.
islam is a way of life.
feel free to use anything
posted on here.and share
with your friends.
What is Islam
In the Name of Allah, the
Most Beneficent, the most
1) “Islam” means “Peace
through the submission to
2) “Muslim” means “anyone
or anything that submits
itself to the will of God”.
3) Islam is not a cult. Its
followers number over 1.5
billion people worldwide.
Along with Judaism and
Christianity, it is considered
to be one of the three
Abrahamic traditions.
4) There are five pillars of
practice in Islam. These
practices must be
undertaken with the best of
effort in order to be
considered a true Muslim: A)
Shahadah – declaration of
faith in the oneness of God
and that Muhammad is the
last prophet of God. B)
Formal prayer five times a
day. C) Fasting during the
daylight hours in the month
of Ramadan. D) Poor-due
“tax” – 2.5% of one’s savings
given to the needy at the
end of each year. E)
Pilgrimage to Mecca at least
once, if physically and
financially able.
5) There are six articles of
faith in Islam. These are the
basic beliefs that one must
have in order to be
considered a true Muslim.
They are belief in: A) the
One God. B) all the prophets
of God. C) the original
scriptures revealed to
Prophets Moses, David,
Jesus, and Muhammad. D)
the angels. E) the Day of
Judgment and the Hereafter.
F) the divine decree (or
6) Islam is a complete way
of life that governs all facets
of life: moral, spiritual,
social, political, economical,
intellectual, etc.
7) Islam is one of the fastest
growing religions in the
world. To become Muslim, a
person of any race or
culture must say a simple
statement, the shahadah,
that bears witness to the
belief in the One God and
that Prophet Muhammad
was the last prophet of God.
8) “Allah” is an Arabic word
that means “God”. Muslims
also believe that “Allah” is
the personal name of God.
9) Allah is not the God of
Muslims only. He is the God
of all people and all
creation. Just because
people refer to God using
different terms does not
mean that they are different
gods. Spanish people refer
to God as “Dios” and French
people refer to God as
“Dieu”, yet they are all the
same God. Interestingly,
most Arab Jews and Arab
Christians refer to God as
“Allah”. And the word Allah
in Arabic appears on the
walls of many Arab
10) The Islamic concept of
God is that He is loving,
merciful, and
compassionate. But Islam
also teaches that He is just
and swift in punishment.
Nevertheless, Allah once
said to Prophet Muhammad,
“My mercy prevails over my
wrath.” Islam teaches a
balance between fear and
hope, protecting one from
both complacency and


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